We are enjoying  the wind down after a really good harvest.  Plenty of things to do including putting away all the harvest stuff in our barn, draining the irrigation pipes, mowing to discourage the mice and voles, cleaning up flower beds, putting machinery away for the winter.  Sylvia has made 60 quarts of apple sauce and an occasional pie.

We are planning a short trip to the coast of Maine week after next and then trips at Thanksgiving and Christmas to spoil the grandchildren.

Thanks to everyone who came to help us get the apples harvested.  Pictures show our now quiet orchard plus rainbow and sunset.

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Wednesday is our last day

We are winding up a great harvest – we have seen lots and lots of familiar folks and many new ones as well.

Wednesday Oct 15 will be our last day.  As I said in yesterday’s post, there are still good McIntosh in the old orchard,  lesser amounts of Cortland, Fuji, and Empire in the new orchard – drops throughout the orchard.

After we close, we will pick remaining apples for the Manchester Food Cupboard and a farmer will get drops to make cider vinegar.  The turkeys, the mice and the foxes will take care of the rest.

If you can not make it up tomorrow, you can get good apples already picked at Dutton’s Farm Stand (tel 802-362-3083) 1 mile east (towards Bromley Mtn) off exit 4 on the new Rt 7.  They will have apples all winter including utility grade for cooking and sauce.

So thanks for making it a good harvest – if we don’t see you tomorrow, we look forward to seeing you next year!



Happy Finish

The weekend was a great harvest party – beautiful weather – lots of familiar faces and many new faces as well – beautiful babies and happy children – lots of happy families having a good time.

We will be closed today Oct 13 to enjoy family visitors – back open Tuesday Oct 14.  Wednesday Oct 15 will be our last day.

On the tree, there are still good McIntosh in the old orchard,  lesser amounts of Cortland, Fuji, and Empire in the new orchard – drops throughout the orchard.   If you want to make one last visit. now is the time.

We thank Mother Nature and all of you who have helped to make it a really great harvest !!

Cruising to a finish

We have opened up our last late season varieties – Golden Delicious, and Jonagold.  Quantities are limited.  We will have more in future years as our new plantings mature.

McIntosh are still good in the old orchard.  Gala at the end of the rows uphill by the fence is also good.  There are plenty of Fuji next to the old orchard.  Empire is good downhill on the right and there are plenty of Cortland and Macoun all the way downhill in the new orchard.

There are good drops of all varieties throughout the orchard for $6.00 per half bushel ( you pick up) – great for apple sauce and pies.

Good apple picking weather for the next few days – forecast is mostly sunny and cool.  We will have cider and donuts on Saturday and Sunday as long as they last.  Sunday will be our last big day –   we  will be open a few days next week, mostly for drops.  I will update the web and Facebook on Monday.  Come help us finish the season and get apples while we still have them!!