We had a very good weekend – lots of happy customers – they picked out the remaining Zestars, Sansas and Ginger Golds.

There are good Gala and McIntosh this week.  Saturday Sept 21 we will start Honeycrisp and Cortland – possibly Macoun and Fuji.

To make it fair for everyone, we will not start Honeycrisp before Saturday, even if your Grandmother has a toothache. The Honeycrisp crop is less than last year, but it should last until the 28’th, unless we get extremely large turnout this coming weekend.

Picture shows some very nice Galas – Macs are plentiful too.

MORE GOOD APPLES – plus donuts & cider

A few Zestars and Sansas are left – good supply of Ginger Gold McIntosh and Gala.  If you want Zestars, now is the time to get them – they will be gone by the end of the weekend.   The donut crew is getting ready to fire up for the weekend.  Come help us bring in the harvest!!




Our opening weekend was very good – we saw lots of familiar folks – learning how to make donuts has gone well and we will have them on the weekends.

Currently Zestar, Ginger Gold, Sansa, McIntosh and Gala are available for picking.  Zestars will  probably be mostly picked out by the weekend.  McIntosh are plentiful and tart.  Good supply of Gala and Ginger Gold as well.

Sunflowers are late this year – same as the apples.  Come see us while the picking is prime!!



We will have Zestar, Ginger Gold, Sansa , McIntosh ( a little tart ), and Gala available for picking on our opening day Saturday September 7.  Overall the crop is not as plentiful as last year, but there are lots of good apples.  The recent rain has helped the fruit gain size.

We anticipate Honeycrisp, Cortland, Macoun  and Blondee to be ready to pick on September 21 & 22 weekend.

Mrs. Murphy’s,  our donut supplier for twenty years is no longer able to supply us because they are having difficulty getting enough help – SO we have taken the plunge and purchased a donut robot, large mixer and many assorted items which are now set up in the kitchen of the Red House adjacent to the barn.  We have successfully completed some trial runs and if all goes well we will have Mad Tom Donuts this weekend as well as local cider

Weather looks perfect for apple picking.  Look forward to seeing you.



Opening day will be Saturday September 7.  As usual, we will be open 9:00 to 5:30 – closed Mondays. Two recent rains of over 1.5 inches will help the fruit size increase over the next three weeks.

We have been busy getting lots of mowing done – we mow several times during the year to to reduce competition of the grass with the trees for water and nutrients. The picture shows our big German hydraulically controlled mower which automatically swings the outboard rotor back when it senses a tree – this allows us to eliminate any use of herbicides (Round-Up) in the orchard and greatly reduces the amount of string trimmer use.

As we complete the mowing, the next big task is to move all the equipment out of the barn and get it set up for sales. Look forward to seeing you soon!!