We have a pretty good crop of apples growing out there – photos show some Honeycrisp now up to almost two inches in size – also a nice view of 50 new Ginger Gold trees planted this Spring.   We have been busy mowing and replacing tree guards.

Weather  is very dry but the fruit is still sizing well.  Crop is never guaranteed until it is harvested, but we should have reasonable amounts of all varieties – Zestars, Honeycrisp and Macintosh all look good.

Work is underway to put an addition on the barn for donut making and have two customer restrooms located there.  Red House renovation project will move the house farther back on the lot and replace the old addition with a new one.  House will look very similar to before, but will have modern features like, insulation, central heat, good wiring etc.  Will not complete until 2023.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Honeycrisp growing well


New Ginger Golds


We finished a fine harvest for our 20’th season since the orchard was  reopened with two very nice wind down days on October 12 & 13.  Fortunately there was good weather for almost all of the days that we were open – and there was enough fruit to last a full six weeks.

Pictures show the ladies from Grateful Hearts and a group of volunteers from the Food Bank that came in to glean apples and they picked most of the fruit still on the trees – glad they were able to come

We hope next year to be past all the concerns about COVID and wish everyone a healthy and peaceful year.

Many thanks,  Tom & Sylvia





Tuesday October 12 & Wednesday October 13 are our last days open for this year

We had record crowds this weekend – lots of good apples were picked -3000 or more people visited over the two days. Sylvia with our daughter Jennifer and Granddaughter Katie made 2900 donuts and the donut kitchen is closed until fall 2022.  We had lots of good family help on weekends this season.

Tuesday & Wednesday will be our wind down days – good McIntosh on the 81 year old trees and other varieties for those who look – plenty of good drops available at 1/2 price.

Big thanks to all who came to pick and made our 20’th harvest a record one.  Look forward to seeing you next year.  The photo shows a quiet morning today on our mountain top.


Our season is winding up – Sunday October 10 will be our last weekend day.  Unless the weather is too rainy,  we plan on being open a few days next week – I will post an update on Monday.  Folks from Grateful Hearts and the Food Bank will help glean fruit after we close.

There continue to be lots of good McIntosh on the 81 year old trees.  The bright red sweet tart late season Crimson Crisp are ripe.  Empire, Gala, Cortland, and Macon are still available.  We are opening up Northern Spy’s and Golden Delicious as soon as I can take the red tape down and put up the signs.  You pick drops are available at half price.

There is cider now and donuts will be here on the weekend.

It has been a very good season and we have seen lots of familiar faces.  Many thanks to everyone who came to pick.

Photos show more of the classic old McIntosh trees and Crimson Crisp on the newer trees.


Crimson Crisp (the very red apples that were behind the red tape) are now ready to pick.  This is our premier late season apple – great sweet tart flavor – very firm – keeps VERY well.

Empire another great late season apple is now ripe as well.  Great Macintosh available on the younger trees AND especially the 81 year old trees from the original orchard planting.  There are good Cortlands, Macouns, Galas and Fuji as well. Northern Spy and Golden Delicious will start on Friday before Columbus Day weekend.

The wind has brought down a lot of drops – you can select your own at half price.

Cider has been resupplied and I took delivery today of several hundred pounds more donut supplies for the weekend.

Columbus Day weekend October 9 and 10 will be our last weekend open – depending on the weather we may go a few days into the following week.

Come replenish your supply of apples while they are still plentiful!!

Photo shows some nice Crimson Crisps waiting to be picked.




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