Made it to Spring

Hope this finds everyone well – we have weathered the winter well, though the lockdown made it seem seem VERY long.  Sylvia and I both had our second vaccinations two weeks ago.   My February birthday marked the beginning of a new decade.

After the big snow in December all melted in a week before Christmas, winter came back with numerous 4, 6 or 8 inch snow falls that soon built up to 2 or more feet covering the ground in the orchard which put our pruning on hold until this week.  Snow is melted in many places and under 6 inches elsewhere, so we have been able to get out and resume pruning – when that is done, we need to pick up all the brush and feed it through the chipper.  We took advantage of a windy day to burn the brush pile.

So we are starting growing our 20’th crop since reopening the orchard.  The fruit buds look  good which is the first requirement for a good crop.  We hope that by Fall we will be able to see you all with fewer restrictions than last Fall.

Stay safe.