Our season is winding up – Sunday October 10 will be our last weekend day.  Unless the weather is too rainy,  we plan on being open a few days next week – I will post an update on Monday.  Folks from Grateful Hearts and the Food Bank will help glean fruit after we close.

There continue to be lots of good McIntosh on the 81 year old trees.  The bright red sweet tart late season Crimson Crisp are ripe.  Empire, Gala, Cortland, and Macon are still available.  We are opening up Northern Spy’s and Golden Delicious as soon as I can take the red tape down and put up the signs.  You pick drops are available at half price.

There is cider now and donuts will be here on the weekend.

It has been a very good season and we have seen lots of familiar faces.  Many thanks to everyone who came to pick.

Photos show more of the classic old McIntosh trees and Crimson Crisp on the newer trees.