We plan to open for the season on Saturday September 3.  Two inches of recent rain will help fruit continue to gain size.  As I said in last month’s post crop is never guaranteed until it is harvested, but it continues to look good.

Photos show some Crimson Crisp trees near the barn and the new small additions to the apple barn for a donut kitchen and two customer restrooms.  We think construction will be completed in time to make donuts.

BUT we have hit significant snags getting VT health department permit, Fire Marshal  approval, plumbing inspection and more.  The inspectors have ruled that we are a public building and must have  at least one ADA bathroom.  SO – we may or may not be able make donuts this fall – will post more info closer to harvest.

For added interest all three of our daughters will be here this weekend with their husbands and most of our grandchildren – Sylvia has procured enormous amounts of food – some meals will have ~ 20 people to feed.

Put us on your schedule for September & October – look forward to seeing you.