Saturday and Sunday September 2 and 3 will be our early apple weekend for Zestar, Ginger Gold and Sansa.  Weather on Saturday looks better than Sunday, when we get the remnants of Hurricane Harvey.   The recent moderate sunny weather has helped the fruit  gain size.  See the Zestars in the first picture.  They are our favorite pie apple as well as excellent when eaten fresh.

Starting  Friday September 8 we will be open for our regular season – daily 9 to 5:30 – closed Mondays.  We will have McIntosh and Gala as well as remaining early apples.   Honeycrisp will probably start September 16 weekend

We woke this morning to see a full 180 degree rainbow – we take it as a good omen for the season.   Come help us kick off a new harvest.

Zestars Aug 31 - Copy

rainbow1 - Copy

rainbow 2 - Copy