We start CORTLAND, BLONDEE, MACOUN & HONEYCRISP this weekend Saturday September 18.  The are also still lots of good Macintosh and Gala and some Ginger Golds.  Read this post all the way to the end for extra info about availability.

I am resupplying the cider today and the donut crew will be making more on Saturday & Sunday.

A strong thunderstorm yesterday afternoon dropped an inch of rain,  BUT fortunately no hail.  Weather this weekend looks good, especially on Sunday.

If you have a really good story along the lines of “my grandmother is getting married tomorrow in Las  Vegas and I have to fly out there tonight “ we will consider letting you pick Honeycrisp Friday.

Honeycrisp ripen in stages so the trees have mixture of red (i.e. ripe) and green (not yet ripe) apples, – pick the red ones.  Photos show a Honeycrisp tree and some sunflowers where we outsmarted the woodchuck this year.