We  took advantage of the beautiful weather for the last two weeks of October to do a lot of mowing, take down all our orchard signs, clean up flower beds, put away all the harvest stuff in the barn and put the equipment back in, fix the broken wagons,  etc. etc.

We have had more Facebook messages/comments than I am able to respond to – thank you all for sending them.

We did manage to get away for a short vacation to Maine last week – just after the storm and had great weather – wind created some really big surf.

There appear to be a good number of fruit buds on the trees, so the first of many steps is in place for next years crop – stay tuned.

Maine Oct 30 - Copy





Thanks for helping us have a great season.  We were pleased to have much better weather than forecast for our last weekend.  We took the photo sitting on a bench outside the barn as the sun went down Sunday evening.

Almost all the apples were picked – the nature of a pick your own business is that we never get quite all of the fruit picked.  Some of what is left will go to the food cupboard and for cider vinegar – the rest will go to the wild turkeys.

Hope everyone has a good winter – come see us in July for raspberries.

Last Day photo Oct 15 - Copy


Good MacIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Empire and Gala are still available.   Cider and Donuts on both Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday October 15 will be our last day.

Help us wind up a good season.  The views are as good as ever.  Photo shows some of those good Macouns, all the way at the bottom of the orchard – worth the walk to get them.

10 12 Macoun - Copy

10 12 red house - Copy



This will be our windup week.  We saw hundreds of happy customers this weekend.  We toured the orchard today and there is still good picking for MacIntosh, Cortland, Macoun, Empire and Gala.  Also plenty of drops at half price .

We will be open all week – rain or shine.  Saturday Oct 14 and Sunday Oct 15 will be our last days open.

Come for those last bag(s) of apples.

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